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The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Roofer

Choosing a roofer for your residential or commercial building is as challenging as finding any other contractor. It is not necessarily difficult, because there are many roofing companies spread everywhere in the country, providing services at a local or national level, but selecting of them is the challenging aspect that will likely take some time. […]

What is TPO Roofing

A new trend in terms of waterproofing methods in the civil engineering segment is the use of TPO membranes, which seem to gain more and more ground, without too much effort. Orlando commercial roofing company TPO installation experts confirm that TPO membranes are made of flexible polyolefin. A fiberglass mesh is inserted in the middle […]

Most Durable Roof Types for a Business

There are several coating options for flat roofs, but membranes are currently the best solution. Of the types of membranes, the most durable are considered to be the EPDM type. EPDM membranes are rubber-based waterproofing systems that contain ethylene-propylene-diene monomer. To increase their strength, an additional reinforcement is made using polyester mesh. This makes it […]

What is Rubber Roofing?

Rubber roofing refers to EPDM membranes – 100% synthetic single layer membranes, vulcanized in EPDSM foils of different thicknesses, chemically stable, with virtually unlimited UV and Ozone resistance. This type of membranes does not contain plasticizers. More than a half of a century has passed since the installation of the first EPDM membrane; in the […]

Best Types of Commercial Roofs for Florida Businesses

Here are two modern types of flat roof cover materials, suitable for Florida businesses. Roofs covered with single-ply membranes and photovoltaic panels The solar panel industry is growing day by day, and the demand in this field is growing by leaps and bounds. The installation of photovoltaic solar panels and the exploitation of solar energy […]

What are Flat Roof Scuppers?

In modern architecture, the flat roof is very popular. Even more attractive is the installation of a flat circulating roof, transformed into a garden or other type of relaxation area. However, many people are still reluctant about opting for this type of roof, especially because of preconceived notions about its drainage capabilities. It is good […]

Signs it Could be Time for a New Roof

The main generator of roof problems is water, which infiltrates either through vulnerable roofing materials (cover materials, flashing), or next to the fastening screws. Usually, the signs of water damage on the interior walls indicate that the roof needs at least some repairs. If you discover damaged profiles, connecting elements and other visible problems, you […]