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Does the Sun Affect Your Roof?

Wind, rain, hail and snow are among the chief concerns when it comes to weather-related roof damage. One often overlooked cause of weather-related roof damage is a roof’s direct exposure to sunlight. The UV rays in Florida can be especially damaging with the year-round sunshine. The following will explain 3 types of sun damage that […]

6 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season which officially runs from June 1st through November 30th can be devastating to both your roof and home. With hurricane season fast approaching it is important to be prepared. The following 6 tips will help prepare your roof for hurricane season. Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season Get an Inspection: Annual […]

(Many) Advantages of Tile Roofs

When it comes to your roofing system, there are more layers to it that no one really enjoys discussing. For the everyday homeowner, especially for those who are aesthetically driven, the most important element of a roof is the type of visible roof materials used. Our Naples roofing contractors understand the exotic romance associated with […]

What You Need To Know About Roof Damage Caused by Hail

As the inclement weather continues to pummel through major Florida areas, it’s important for you to understand the serious problems that pummel along with it. You may not see obvious damage to your roof from the ground, but our rooftop specialists can both understand and identify hail damage in Stuart and elsewhere throughout the state […]

How to Analyze a Roofing Estimate

Replacing a roof can be a daunting task and to make matters worse, the quotes or estimates roofers provide you can be just as difficult to understand and decipher. The following are 4 tips to use in analyzing a roofing estimate. Tips Shop Around: The first step to analyze a roofing estimate is to compare […]

COVID-19 Safety Updates from your Favorite Florida Roofing Contractor

Crown Roofing remains open for business and we are committed to our longstanding policy of maintaining a healthy, hygienic environment for all team members and customers.  We continue to take proactive measures related to COVID-19. We have implemented additional cleaning protocols in our office, warehouse, fleet vehicles and work locations. We have also equipped field […]

Crown Roofing: Business Observer’s TOP Roofing Contractor

It’s one of the most anticipated publications of the year: Business Observer’s Top 50 Contractors.  This year, the published top contractors looped in $6.5 billion in revenue, proving the region’s construction sector continues to speed without signs of a slowdown.  We’re proud to say that your favorite Naples roofing contractors, Crown Roofing, made the list […]

4 Signs Your Roofing Contractor May Be Ripping You Off

With new roofs costing thousands of dollars, it should come as no surprise con artists posing as professional roofers do exist. In order to reduce your chances of falling prey to roofing rip off you should be aware of the following 4 signs your roofing contractor may be ripping you off. Storm Chasing Severe storms […]

Importance of a Roofing Contract

Roofing jobs are complex, expensive undertakings. Many homeowners have questions regarding roofing and contracts and whether they are necessary. While many customers view contracts as a negative thing, a roofing contract is an important document crafted to protect the homeowner and the roofer. The days of undertaking a roofing project with a simple handshake are […]

Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs

In today’s economy, companies are more likely to spend capital on fixing machinery, ensuring constant power, or upgrading safety infrastructure as opposed to less dynamic equipment such as a roof. While on the surface this may seem like a good idea, the contrary is true. By not performing routine maintenance on an important item such […]