What is TPO Roofing

A new trend in terms of waterproofing methods in the civil engineering segment is the use of TPO membranes, which seem to gain more and more ground, without too much effort.

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Orlando commercial roofing company TPO installation experts confirm that TPO membranes are made of flexible polyolefin. A fiberglass mesh is inserted in the middle of the membrane to provide special dimensional stability and puncture resistance. TPO membranes offer increased strength and are characterized by a quick and economical installation. They are stable in terms of UV resistance, as well as resistant to aging and various microorganisms. These membranes can be applied directly over existing bituminous membranes.

Waterproofing TPO membranes are available in several thicknesses, so they meet the most diverse requirements. The extensive system of accessories simplifies the application and allows complete and customized solutions.

These roofing membranes do not contain volatile plasticizer and do not produce any emissions. They are designed to be applied easily, using hot air welding technique, in a single layer. Safety against wind suction is ensured by mechanical fastening. After decades of waterproofing, these membranes can be recycled or thermally recovered

Thermoplastic membranes with a high degree of reflection and those applied in the liquid form allow significant energy savings during the use phase. They also reduce the urban heat island effect.


Most Durable Roof Types for a Business

There are several coating options for flat roofs, but membranes are currently the best solution. Of the types of membranes, the most durable are considered to be the EPDM type.

EPDM membranes are rubber-based waterproofing systems that contain ethylene-propylene-diene monomer. To increase their strength, an additional reinforcement is made using polyester mesh. This makes it possible to use these membranes in all regions, even in those with a cold climate.

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Flat roofing Tampa commercial roofers substantiate that EPDM characteristics reflect in a number of advantages over other roofing materials:

  • reduced cost
  • resistance to aging
  • durability (lifespan of at least half a century)
  • resistance to extreme temperatures
  • ability to withstand various weather events, ultraviolet rays and ozone
  • they preserve their properties and aspect very well, even if they are exposed to direct sunlight
  • fire resistant
  • elasticity in a wide range of temperatures (from minus 40 to 110 degrees Celsius)
  • lightweight
  • they do not react with bituminous materials
  • the stretching ratio reaches 300%, with full return
  • eco-friendly, they do not emit toxic substances throughout their lifespan
  • the size of the membrane can be easily adjusted to the size of the roof, because it comes in rollers that are connected easily by vulcanization (the seams have the properties of the base material, and the size of a sheet can reach 1200 m2)
  • the roof becomes waterproof and stays clean
  • it is not necessary to place geotextiles between the EPDM membrane and the thermal insulation layer


What is Rubber Roofing?

Rubber roofing refers to EPDM membranes – 100% synthetic single layer membranes, vulcanized in EPDSM foils of different thicknesses, chemically stable, with virtually unlimited UV and Ozone resistance. This type of membranes does not contain plasticizers.

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More than a half of a century has passed since the installation of the first EPDM membrane; in the meantime, billions of square meters have been installed worldwide for various applications, from flat roofs to pools and water storage tanks. Membranes installed five decades ago are analyzed annually by manufacturers and, so far, their mechanical performance is still very good and no replacement is in order. No other waterproofing membrane has been able to approach or match such longevity requirements, which is why the use of EPDM membranes is growing exponentially, every year.

Exceptional elongation of over 300% is a parameter that allows taking over mechanical stresses as no other material can do. In demand Orlando commercial roofers know that EPDM waterproofing membranes are flexible, capable of absorbing the dimensional changes of the support on which they are applied, changes generated by constructive defects, uneven earth settlements or landslides.

EPDM membrane waterproofing systems can be used and installed in any type of climatic conditions, as they remain flexible even at -40ºC.

How to Keep Your Business Afloat After a Hurricane

A hurricane is a phenomenon with potential severe consequences that may cost businesses huge sums of money. It is impossible to fully protect you and your business against natural disasters, but there are ways to keep your business afloat after a hurricane.

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  1. Take stock of the situation

Analyze your situation, make a damage estimate and see what you must address first. Schedule Tampa commercial roofing and building inspections to assess property damages. Contact your insurance company. Schedule building repairs asap.

  1. Optimize Your Workforce

To prevent chaos and to make sure that your employees operate on the same page, discuss your problems with your team and explain them what that plan is and what you expect from them. If necessary, identify people that aren’t pulling their weight and get rid of them. Being too kind in this situation can be a big mistake.

  1. Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

When you are trying to recover after a hurricane and keep your business alive, you will also have to identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses (projects that do not produce enough profit) and focus on those that have the potential to deliver the most revenue in the immediate future.

Just keep in mind that a disaster can also be seen as an opportunity to grow and become a better business overall. Do not pity yourself for what you have lost, but gather your strengths, learn from what happened and do your best to come out stronger.

How to Know You are Getting a Quality Flat Roofing System

The choice of a flat roof is more and more frequent among both commercial and residential building owners, given that it is an efficient solution, with an ascending popularity. The versatility of the roof leaves room for customization.

Although a flat roof has a slight slope, often the water does not drain completely and can be a danger to the entire construction. To solve this problem, builders and engineers have developed new technologies that prevent water infiltration. Therefore, from this point of view, adequate waterproofing is one of the factors that decisively influence the quality of a flat roof.

Other quality features

Thermal insulation: In the long run, a well-insulated flat roof can considerably reduce the energy consumption of the building. Work with a professional roofer to also install a thermal insulation system. You will certainly notice that the investment costs will be amortized in the first years of use.

Elasticity: Whether we are talking about a house or another type of construction, it will move, and the change of position can damage the roof. The roofing materials used should be elastic enough to withstand these actions.

Design: Given the lack of a complex structure, the flat roof is very easy to design. This aspect also reduces the execution time of the project. However, make sure you choose an experienced and reliable manufacturer and experienced Orlando commercial roofing installer.

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What is Modified Bitumen Roofing and Why it is a Good Idea for Commercial Buildings

Bitumen is a high quality construction material, absolutely harmless to human health and the environment. It is insoluble and largely able to withstand most substances derived from organic and inorganic salts, hard water, carbon, carbonic acids and alkalis.

What makes it a good idea for commercial buildings?

High weather resistance, elasticity and breaking strength

The differences in temperature between day and night, between summer and winter, as well as natural disasters or changing weather – sun, rain, hail, ice and storm – are not a problem if you use modified bitumen roofing. The material has an extremely high elasticity, elongation and breaking strength.

High resistance over time

The permanent emission produced by UV radiation, photochemical influences, heat, oxygen, humidity, etc.  eventually lead to a natural aging process. Due to the superior quality of the raw materials, competence in production and proper maintenance of the roof, the lifespan of a flat roof covered with modified bitumen membranes is very long.

Maximum safety

Commercial roofing Tampa flat roofing installation experts affirm that a flat roof with modified bitumen membrane guarantees a higher level of safety due to the installation of the membrane in c2 layers, with a total thickness of 9mm. The multilayer system, the high resistance to mechanical stresses during construction, as well as in the later stages of life guarantee a permanent tightness of the waterproofing cover.

Simple and economical application

Modified bitumen membranes are easy and safe to install, even in the cold season.

How to Protect Your Business from a Hurricane

If you live in a hurricane-prone area or you are simply being cautious and want to protect your business from unforeseen events with potential disastrous consequences such as a hurricane, you are going to need a preparation checklist.

The first step is to craft a customized plan, for when you will need to inform your employees on their obligations and stay in touch with them during the storm. Safeguarding them should be your main concern.  Therefore, makes sure to update contact information for all employees and implement a system to offer everyone updates on the evolution of the hurricane.

Your commercial property should have evacuation routes; map them out, to remove confusion in critical moments and ease the evacuation process.

The next step consists in securing valuable documents and equipment. Take inventory of your business assets and prioritize the most important ones.

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Finally yet importantly, commercial roofing Orlando disaster repair specialists suggest that you make sure your building is prepared to withstand the hurricane:

  • Fortify your property by installing shutters to protect windows
  • Trim any branches or trees near the building that could fall and cause damage
  • Help protect against flooding by placing sandbags around the property
  • Secure large furniture like bookcases to the wall, using wall studs
  • Turn off all water and electric utilities prior to the hurricane reaching land

Why is Metal Roofing a Good Option for My Business

Metal roofing is one of the best choices you can make for your business. Metal roofing Tampa experts confirm that metal shingles are very durable, have a nice and neat aspect and can be installed on most buildings, matching their shape and style.

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Metal shingles are some of the most resistant and popular roofing materials. When choosing them for the roof of your business building, it is good to know what options you have, how long they last, what kind of maintenance they need etc.

Types of metal tiles

  • Common metal shingles
  • Modular metal shingles – This is a very popular cover, because it not only resists extremely well over time, but also has the property of maintaining their color intact for years, which is why manufacturers offer extensive warranties.
  • Stone coated metal shingles – These products come in a wide range of colors, shapes and finishes, sealing perfectly any type of roof and having a very aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

Metal shingles can offer major advantages in terms of quality and durability – of course, depending on the quality of the raw material and the installation of the roof:

  • lightweight
  • long service life
  • short execution and installation time
  • energy-efficiency in very sunny climates

Last but not least, a metal roof needs very little maintenance, which is a great advantage for business owners who are busy with all sorts of other things.

Here’s what Businesses Need to Know after Receiving Damage from a Hurricane

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Hurricanes can be a real threat to businesses and the economy in general, and it is essential for business owners to know how to return to normalcy after being hit by such a weather phenomenon.

If your business is located in a hurricane-prone area, you must maintain a preparedness plan, which includes preparing your building to withstand bad weather, backing up computer files and keeping a stock of emergency materials. You will also have to be ready to take prompt measures after the storm, to keep the business flow continuous.

Step 1: Look for local disaster recovery service

Professionals have a complete understanding of the damage a hurricane may inflict and they can also accurately determine the necessary repairs. They deal with physical damage caused by water infiltration or wind, but also with equipment repair and document restoration. It is important that the best commercial roofer Orlando offers is notified to complete a roofing inspection and repair plan immediately

Step 2: Clean up

Business locations affected by a hurricane must be thoroughly cleared of muck and debris. You may need to contact local authorities and find out about proper disposal procedures.

Step 3: Secure cash flow

After a natural disaster, your business may get help from the federal government to face the expenses incurred in post-hurricane recovery and cleanup.