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Crown Roofing Featured in Business Observer

Crown Roofing was recently featured in Business Observer, the weekly newspaper for business leaders on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Through an interview with the paper’s Managing Editor, Mark Gordon, the story unfolds, showcasing drive, talent, experience and exponential growth.

Starting just three years ago with $75,000 in savings, Guil Geneau and Chris Copeland launched a business and a dream.  Reaching for the company’s third-straight banner year, Crown Roofing predicts $50 million in sales this year.  In 2013, Crown did $6 million in sales, jumping to $18M in 2014 (up 200% from the previous year) and doubling to $36M in 2015.  Currently, Crown has 300 employees spread across four offices throughout Central, Southwest and South Florida.

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Crown Roofing in Business Observer

Guil Geneau, Sarasota-based Crown Roofing co-founder

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Five Signs You Should Recruit A Professional Roofing Contractor

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about their roof until they notice a problem.  You may think there’s no problems with a mere glance from the driveway or parking lot, but you could be seriously wrong.  It’s important to have a reliable roofing contractor in Pine Hills on your team to help you to avoid any costly surprises.

There are number of problems, both potential and current, that can be occurring and can only be noticed when you’re physically on the roof, paying close attention and understand what to look for.  That’s what our roofing contractors in Orlando are for.  Our trained technicians are ready to provide you with a detailed written inspection to help you to better identify the condition of your current roofing system.  It’s recommended that you inspect your roof annually to help head off costly surprise repairs or complete replacements.

If you want to give your roof a quick look over, we’re here with five very important warning signs that can help you to determine if your home or business may need a critical repair or roof replacement:

  • Does your roofing system appear to be old and outdated? Let’s be honest, no one wants that  Sometimes, your roof may just need a good washing to regain the curb appeal it once had.  If your roof is starting to look a little dingy, a professional roofer can step in to help.
  • Is your roof missing tiles or shingles? This can be one of the easiest ways to identify a problem.  Naturally, both wind and water can wear on your roof.  If tiles or shingles are damaged, you can wind up dealing with serious problems in the future if they’re not addressed properly and immediately.
  • Are you seeing damp spots on your ceiling? This may be one of the most obvious signs, but it’s also one of the most serious.  If you’ve noticed a leak in your home or office, we recommend that you contact a professional roofer immediately.
  • Have your bills increased? While you may not always be able to easily identify a small leak, you should definitely be able to see a difference in your electric bill.  If the AC bill for your home or business is on significant rise, you could have a serious problem with your roof.
  • Are your gutters constantly clogged? No one likes clogged gutters and cleaning them out is never too exciting, but this is an issue that should be addressed immediately.  It’s critical to ensure that water can runoff.  Leaves, sticks and other debris can cause your gutters to clog and retain unwanted water on the roof.

While it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your roof and its functionality, it’s critical to recruit a professional roofing company in Winter Park for an annual detailed roof inspection.  If you’re considering having work done on your roof this summer, call us at 855-276-9655 today for a free estimate. Not only do we provide regular inspections, but we can help to repair current roofing systems that may be failing or we can install new roofing systems to best help you, your family and your business stay safe. There’s no job to small and no task too big. With offices in Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, we’re here to help with all of your roofing needs.

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Preparing Your Home For A Roof Installation

It’s a big day for you and your home – it’s install day!  You’ve spent time critiquing every option, from the roofing material to the color of shingles to the Miami roofing company you’ve chosen for the install.  But the work doesn’t stop there as there are things you can do to better prepare yourself, your family and your home for the roof installation process.

The process of a new roof installation essentially turns your home into a construction site.  There are a number of steps you can take to help prepare yourself, your family, and your home and we’re here to let you in on the secrets to allow his process to run as smoothly as possible.

Our Delray Beach roofers remind homeowners that everything used to perform the roofing installation process needs to be as safe and as close to the house as possible, which requires direct access to the driveway and yard.  It’s in your best interest to remove all vehicles from the driveway and ensure that they are kept away from the structure.  Additionally, anything located around the perimeter of the home and property that can limit roof access should also be moved.  During this time, you should also keep all pets and children inside the home or in a place that is safe and away from the job site.

During this time, you may find it comforting to cover all valuables in the garage and attic as debris and dust can enter into those spaces as well.  While you’re running through the preparation process, it’s also a good idea up turn off power to all roof attic fans.  If you have any patio furniture, you should move it away from your home as well.  If you have any satellite dishes on your roof, remember that they may need to be moved during installation to allow your roof to be installed properly.

During roof work, noise from hammers, nails, guns, etc. should be expected.  The noise can last from one to several days depending on the size of your home.  This could be your perfect excuse to take that peaceful vacation you’ve long deserved.

It’s also in your best interest to make sure that your grass is freshly cut.  Overgrown grass can hinder the cleanup process. As roofers work, materials will need to come off the roof and may be present in your yard before cleanup takes place.  It is our duty to ensure that all debris is cleared when the roof installation is complete.

Lastly, we remind you that our Florida weather can be unpredictable and minor adjustments in scheduling can arise.  We will work hard from the beginning to the very last touches of the install process to complete your job on the scheduled dates to ensure a pleasurable experience for you.  Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us immediately.

When choosing a roofer, it’s important for you to choose a company that can help ensure that your family and your home is protected and that you’re getting the best service possible. Call our roofers in Fort Lauderdale at 855-276-9655 today for a free estimate. We can help to repair current roofing systems that may be failing or we can install new roofing systems to best help you and your family stay safe. There’s no job to small and no task too big. With offices in Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, we’re here to help with all of your roofing needs.