Three Things New Homeowners Should Know About Their New Roof

Purchasing a new home is a big deal.  It’s not only one of your biggest investments, but it’s one of your biggest responsibilities as well. To help ensure an increasing home value, you’ll want to make sure you properly protect and maintain your property.  Our Sarasota roofing contractors understand that homes require a lot of patience and planning. Your plan should not only include seasonal maintenance to-dos, like cleaning out the gutters and trimming back the trees, but it should also include a plan to ensure that you’re able to cover the costs of proactive repairs before damage gets too bad and your house becomes a neighborhood eyesore.

As many homeowners know too well, moisture is one of the most serious threats to a home.  Your roof is the first line of defense in this watery war.  But it’s more than water that can compromise the effectiveness of your roof and the safety of your home underneath. Our Bradenton roofing contractors are here to help to keep you informed, proactive and preventative, helping to keep your home safe, functional and profitable for years to come.

Roofs Don’t Last Forever

The lifespan of residential roofing systems can vary tremendously.  Typically, tile, copper and slate roofing systems can last roughly 50 years.  Homeowners who have wood shake roofs can typically expect about a 30-year lifespan.  Fiber cement shingles usually make it to about 25 years, while asphalt shingle/composition roofing systems last for roughly 20 years, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  Remember: Both weather and climate conditions can significantly cut the lifespan of all roofing systems.

Be Proactive with Known Deficiencies

With both home and business roofing systems, it’s best to take care of issues as soon as they’re noted.  Procrastination is not an option here.  Leaks and other deficiencies don’t fix themselves. There are times when it may appear that a leak has corrected itself. For example, you may notice water penetrating your ceiling during and shortly after an afternoon storm and days later you may notice that the same area is dry.  Do not assume, for even a moment, that the leak has been rectified.  Oftentimes, rain or moisture from a roof penetration can be diverted from its original point of entry to an entirely different area.  (Tip: It’s also important to remember that a leak in a roof is not always located above ceiling moisture.)

Know the Warranty

If the previous owner of a home recently replaced the roofing system, there’s a good chance that it may still be under warranty and that warranty may be transferable to any future owners.  When a warranty is transferred to new owners, it’s critical for new owners to obtain the proper paperwork and information to clarify proof of transfer and warranty conditions. In some cases, the warranty is not transferable and in these instances, it’s critical to make sure that problems are noted and corrected before completing the sale of the home.

The roofing specialists at Crown Roofing are here to help you with all of your roofing concerns.  If you are in need of roof repair, roof maintenance or a new roof, our roofing professionals can take care of it for you.  Crown Roofing handles all types of roofing systems, including tile, shingle, slate and metal.  There is no job that is too small and no task that is too big.  Crown Roofing has offices in Central, South and Southwest Florida.  Call us today for a free estimate. 855-276-9655.

New Year’s Roof Resolutions

As we wrap up 2016 and gear up to ring in the New Year, it’s an excellent time to look past the holidays and focus in on the health of your roof in 2017.  With the New Year approaching, most of us will be creating lists comprised of New Year’s Resolutions to achieve on a personal level.  Some of the most common resolutions include losing weight, giving up smoking, saving money and vacationing more.  But have you considered focusing your resolution efforts on your home or business and making some money-saving roof resolutions?

Our Fort Myers roofing contractors are reminding home and business owners across the state of the importance of the roof over their head.  Because your roof is one of the most aesthetic and functional aspects of your home or business it makes perfect sense to keep an eye on it to keep it in the prettiest, most functional condition possible.  We’re recommending that you add your roof to this year’s important list of New Year’s Resolutions and if you’re not quite sure what that entails, we invite you to keep reading:

Schedule a Professional Inspection:  The truth of the matter is that most home and business owners are unable to spot faults on their own in a roofing system until it’s too late — or until water has penetrated the surface.  By scheduling an inspection with one of our roofing experts, we can help to pinpoint potential problem areas before it’s too late.  Preventative action always pays off.

Consider Roof Cleaning: Cleaning your roof not only helps to please the eye, but it also helps in keeping it in efficient working order.  Eliminating leaf and debris buildup can reduce the risk of mold and mildew that can seriously threaten the functionality of your roofing system.

Replace Broken Shingles and Tiles: If your home or business has loose or missing shingles or tiles, you may wind up facing much more than an aesthetic problem.  With missing or damaged shingles or tiles, your roof is much less likely to remain weatherproof.

Keep An Eye on Your Gutters:  It’s critical to keep your gutters in working order to allow water overflow to drain from your roofing system.  You want to ensure that water flows away from your roof without pooling in corners.  You can also check your gutters to find out if you have significant and threatening shingle or tile breakage as well.

Consider A Roof Replacement: Do you the age of your roof or what its expected lifespan is?  You never want to wait too long to replace a roof.  Catching problems before they occur can help to preserve your interior and belongings as well and can wind up saving you some serious cash.

If you don’t know where to start with your roofing resolutions, allow the roofing specialists in Naples and the surrounding areas to help you with all of your roofing concerns.  If you are in need of roof repair, roof maintenance or a new roof, our expert professionals can take care of it for you.  Crown Roofing handles all types of roofing systems from tile, shingle, slate and metal.  There is no job that is too small and no task that is too big.  Crown Roofing has offices across Central, South and Southwest Florida.  Call us today for a free estimate at 855-276-9655.

The Importance of Regular Roof Cleaning

There’s never a bad time to tend to the cleanliness of your roof in Fort Myers and surrounding Florida cities.  Here in Florida, we’re provided with ideal weather for year-round roof cleaning.  Costly repairs and higher-than-average cooling expenses are just a couple of ways that business and home owners can expect to overspend on resources when roof maintenance is neglected.

To help to prevent issues from becoming an unplanned and unwanted expense, our Naples roofing contractors are here to provide you with a few simple actions you can take to help keep your home and business roof clean:

  • Frequently inspect for damage. It’s a good ideal to inspect the structure and the roofing membrane periodically for damage.  You will want to keep an eye out for tears and punctures in the membrane.  Inspect and ensure that wind and recent storms have not compromised the reliability of the membrane.
  • Remove debris. It’s critical to remove leaves, branches, trash and other materials from the roof.  If you neglect to remove such items, they can blow around and potentially cause tears and punctures to the membrane.  They can also clog drains, which can create puddling and other water drainage issues that can lead to even more serious roofing issues.  Make sure you’re inspecting and cleaning all of your gutters, overflow drains, roof drains and scuppers to make sure you’ve got a free flow of rainwater on your roof.
  • Clean your roof. Not only is a clean roof an aesthetically-pleasing roof, but it can also help to improve the performance of your roofing membrane.  When the membrane is dirty, you run the risk for a higher surface temperature.
  • Consider enlisting a qualified roofing contractor to help ensure that your roof is not only clean but efficient. With Crown Roofing, we can help you to obtain the quality protection of your roof through online roof management software, periodic roof inspection and maintenance services, and annual budgeting reports with dedicated service technicians.

Flat roofs, by design, are more likely to be compromised by the elements of weather because of their positioning.  Remember that energy consumption is a serious expense that helps to keep the inside of your home and business comfortable for residents, guests and workers.  A clean roof is a cheaper roof.  Keeping up with the cleanliness and the maintenance of your roof can help you to better avoid costly issues and can help to keep your roofing standing strong through the tough Florida weather for years to come.

We recommend all home and business owners to keep a close eye on the condition of their roofing system, and the best way to do that is through a thorough and comprehensive Bonita Springs roof inspection and maintenance agreement with Crown Roofing.  Call us at 855-276-9655 today for a free estimate. Not only do we provide regular inspections, but we can help to repair current roofing systems that may be failing or we can install new roofing systems to best help you, your family and your business stay safe. There’s no job too small and no task too big. With offices in Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, we’re here to help with all of your roofing needs.

Crown Roofing, Guil

Crown Roofing Featured in Business Observer

Crown Roofing was recently featured in Business Observer, the weekly newspaper for business leaders on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Through an interview with the paper’s Managing Editor, Mark Gordon, the story unfolds, showcasing drive, talent, experience and exponential growth.

Starting just three years ago with $75,000 in savings, Guil Geneau and Chris Copeland launched a business and a dream.  Reaching for the company’s third-straight banner year, Crown Roofing predicts $50 million in sales this year.  In 2013, Crown did $6 million in sales, jumping to $18M in 2014 (up 200% from the previous year) and doubling to $36M in 2015.  Currently, Crown has 300 employees spread across four offices throughout Central, Southwest and South Florida.

Click here to check out the full story.

Crown Roofing in Business Observer

Guil Geneau, Sarasota-based Crown Roofing co-founder

roofing contractor

Five Signs You Should Recruit A Professional Roofing Contractor

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about their roof until they notice a problem.  You may think there’s no problems with a mere glance from the driveway or parking lot, but you could be seriously wrong.  It’s important to have a reliable roofing contractor in Pine Hills on your team to help you to avoid any costly surprises.

There are number of problems, both potential and current, that can be occurring and can only be noticed when you’re physically on the roof, paying close attention and understand what to look for.  That’s what our roofing contractors in Orlando are for.  Our trained technicians are ready to provide you with a detailed written inspection to help you to better identify the condition of your current roofing system.  It’s recommended that you inspect your roof annually to help head off costly surprise repairs or complete replacements.

If you want to give your roof a quick look over, we’re here with five very important warning signs that can help you to determine if your home or business may need a critical repair or roof replacement:

  • Does your roofing system appear to be old and outdated? Let’s be honest, no one wants that  Sometimes, your roof may just need a good washing to regain the curb appeal it once had.  If your roof is starting to look a little dingy, a professional roofer can step in to help.
  • Is your roof missing tiles or shingles? This can be one of the easiest ways to identify a problem.  Naturally, both wind and water can wear on your roof.  If tiles or shingles are damaged, you can wind up dealing with serious problems in the future if they’re not addressed properly and immediately.
  • Are you seeing damp spots on your ceiling? This may be one of the most obvious signs, but it’s also one of the most serious.  If you’ve noticed a leak in your home or office, we recommend that you contact a professional roofer immediately.
  • Have your bills increased? While you may not always be able to easily identify a small leak, you should definitely be able to see a difference in your electric bill.  If the AC bill for your home or business is on significant rise, you could have a serious problem with your roof.
  • Are your gutters constantly clogged? No one likes clogged gutters and cleaning them out is never too exciting, but this is an issue that should be addressed immediately.  It’s critical to ensure that water can runoff.  Leaves, sticks and other debris can cause your gutters to clog and retain unwanted water on the roof.

While it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your roof and its functionality, it’s critical to recruit a professional roofing company in Winter Park for an annual detailed roof inspection.  If you’re considering having work done on your roof this summer, call us at 855-276-9655 today for a free estimate. Not only do we provide regular inspections, but we can help to repair current roofing systems that may be failing or we can install new roofing systems to best help you, your family and your business stay safe. There’s no job to small and no task too big. With offices in Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, we’re here to help with all of your roofing needs.

Roof Maintenance

Six Things You Need To Know About Your Roof

Does the thought of Fort Myers roof maintenance and upkeep overwhelm you?  Fear not!  We’re here to help and we’re starting you off with our list of six of the most important things that every homeowner should know about their roof to help make it as easy as possible to prepare for any and all situations involving your roof.

Our Naples roof maintenance experts strive to reduce roof life cycle costs for you.  We work tirelessly to get you the longest roof lifespan possible.  Regular roof inspections, roof maintenance and emergency service are all a part of our lifetime roofing service agreements.   All major roofing manufacturers require that roofing systems with NDL (No Dollar Limit) warranties receive regular roof maintenance in order to keep the guarantee in good standing. We’re here with a few tips and tricks to help you elongate the life of your roofing system.

Know The Lifespan Of Your Roof:

Do you know how old your roof is?  Do you know what kind of roof system protects your home or business?  Surprisingly, many commercial and residential property owners don’t know the answers to these questions.  Knowing the age of your roof, the type of roof you have and when the last inspection was conducted will help you to prepare for future maintenance and potentially avoid costly and unexpected repairs.

Know Your Roof Ventilation System:

It’s important to know the status of your roof ventilation system.  Poor ventilation can lead to some serious problems and even more costly repairs.  Roofs that are not properly ventilated can lead to dramatic mold issues here in Southwest Florida.  A simple roof inspection can quickly show you if your roof is properly ventilated.  If not, installing the proper roof ventilation system can wind up saving you thousands in the long run.

Know That Leaks Aren’t Always From Physical Holes:

Water damage can result from a plethora of problems, not just a hole in your roof.  Leaks can oftentimes happen because of poor workmanship, sidewalls, boots, flashing, skylights and/or valleys.  Holes in your roof are almost always obvious, but leaks are rarely obvious.  Regular inspection of your roof by a trained technician can help you to identify problem areas in your roof susceptible to leaks.

Keep Your Gutters Tidy:

Although it can be a tough chore, it’s important to make it a priority.  We’re talking about cleaning your gutters.  At least twice a year, you should be clearing debris and other problematic materials from your home’s gutters.  Buildup can wind up causing both mold issues and leaks.  Gutter leaks can not only damage the exterior of your home, but can result in some awfully costly repairs.  If you wait until it’s too late, damage could be irreversible – and expensive.

Know When Your Roof Needs An Inspection:

Having a professional inspect your roof routinely can save you both time and money.  We recommend, at minimum, a yearly inspection by one of our roofing specialists.  In this case, we can catch leaks and/or potential problem areas in your roof and perform the repairs before a costly accident.

Call our roofers in Bonita Springs at 855-276-9655 today for a free estimate. Not only do we provide regular inspections, but we can help to repair current roofing systems that may be failing or we can install new roofing systems to best help you and your family stay safe. There’s no job to small and no task too big. With offices in Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, we’re here to help with all of your roofing needs.

Ditching The Roof Dinge

Ditching The Roof Dinge

Has a dingy roof got you down?  Is your roof suffering from those dreaded black streaks?  If you answered no, consider yourself lucky because there is quite a number of residents in the area who are suffering from the algae-infested eyesore.  Luckily, our Lehigh roofing company is prepared for the battle.

These black streams are actually caused from airborne algae that is driven by humidity.  Typically, this will happen on asphalt shingle roofs.  Although many homeowners attribute the streaks to an accumulation of dirt or mildew, the culprit is most often a blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae spread by airborne spores.  Algae-infected roofs can wind up increasing the owner’s energy bill and will most likely decrease the life of the roof.  If black streaks appear on your home, it’s important to take action!

Although most shingles come with algae resistant (AR) options already built in, our Fort Myers roofers understand that their typical 10 to 15-year warranty may not be enough to fight the funk.  Once that time runs out, the streaks are bound to return due to the nature of airborne.  While this condition is cleanable, the risks of damaging a roof are pretty serious.  For example, you never want to use a pressure washer on your roof as it can seriously compromise the life of your shingles – not to mention it’s a recipe for a roof leak.  (Remember – it’s reasons like this that explain why we have “hot” warnings on coffee cups.)

If your roof is due for a replacement, your best bet is to move ahead with the upgrade.  Not only will your roof look much, much better, but it’ll be engineered to better protect you and your family.  In recent years, shingle manufacturers have raised the bar in the fight against the dinge.  For example, some even offer a limited lifetime warranty on algae streaks.  In most cases, these manufacturers will clean or completely replace the roof for you should the problem persist.

When mold and mildew aren’t removed and left to build up on a roof, moss – a thick green spongy material – can develop.  Like algae, moss thrives in a humid environment.  When moss isn’t removed, it keeps roofing shingles damp, allowing moisture to erode the shingles.

If you’ve spotted any of these conditions on your home’s roof, it’s critical to take action!  Algae spores, since they’re airborne, can quickly spread across your roof.  While it may not be especially dangerous to your home, it can be devastating to the resale value of your home.

If you’re looking for a new roof and are selecting a shingle for your home, it’s an excellent idea to choose a dark enough shingle to disguise the staining should it return.  You can also look into shingles laced with copper granules, which are lethal to algae.

It’s a fight when it comes to algae and we refuse to lose.  If your home is suffering from an algae infestation and it’s compromising the life of your roof and the safety of your family, call our Naples roofers at 855-276-9655 today for a free estimate on repairs and reroofs. We can help to repair current roofing systems that may be failing or we can install new roofing systems to best help you and your family stay safe. There’s no job to small and no task too big. With offices in Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, we’re here to help with all of your roofing needs.

The Don’ts Of Roofing Decisions

With any investment, especially when investing in the roof of your home, you should seriously consider weighing the options before making any major decisions on how you’re going to install or maintain it.  Our roofers in Sarasota are here to help you with those important decisions and we’ve got some serious pitfalls to avoid when making decisions about installing, maintaining and preserving your home’s roof.  Check our list of the top no-nos when it comes to your roof:

Taking On A Major Roof Repair or Replacement On Your Own:

Unless you’ve got some serious roofing knowledge, we don’t advise taking on this job alone.  This is a job for the professionals.  Tearing off a roof can be a seriously dangerous and difficult task.  Oftentimes, brave homeowners who have chosen to tackle a roof removal on their own wind up calling in a roofing contractor to “rescue” them from the trouble and the mess they’ve created.  It’s not long after the start of a project like this that the do-it-yourselfers realize this is a task better left to the professionals.  All too often, homeowners will attempt roofing tasks on their own in an attempt to save a few bucks and wind up with more damage and more costs than when they started.  Roofing is a detailed task and requires precise knowledge and skill.  This is why a certified roofing contractor is your safest and most reliable move.

Purchasing Your Own Materials:

Money can be tight and we all are inclined to shop around to save a little cash.  When it comes to finding someone to properly install your roof system, it’ll pay off to bring in a qualified contractor with competitive prices to purchase the materials for you.  This is more beneficial for a number of reasons.  First, you won’t wind up with incorrect products or quantities.  A qualified contractor may not only have access to better quality products but may also have access to competitive pricing because of already-established relationships with their suppliers.  Your best bet is to carry out your roof repair, or a complete installation, as a package deal with your contractor.  Remember, a good contractor will not only be able to provide you with excellent workmanship, but you can get the manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Using A Roofing Product That Will Cause More Damage Over Time:

Contrary to popular belief, not all roofing products are actually good for your roof.  For example, rain diverters can actually wind up causing more damage, forcing rainwater to back up under your roof’s shingles.  When this happens, the damage can be awfully costly.  Another example of a potentially damaging product are flush mounted skylights.  In these cases, most don’t have a very wide flange and can tend to give way under high volumes of water.  During heavy rain, water can seep beyond the flange and can wind up penetrating beneath the roof, causing serious leaks.  When you enlist the skill of a qualified contractor, they can then help to guide you to the most trustworthy of products.

Not Hiring A Solid Contractor:

A solid contractor is your safety net.  It’s critical that you do your homework.  You always, in any trade, want to seek a reputable and qualified contractor to perform any kind of installation or repair to your home. It’s also important to look beyond price when doing your research.  Talk with friends, family and coworkers.  Find out who they’ve used before and how they’d rate the service and production.  You can also do some digging through the Better Business Bureau, through various online review sites, and even on the company’s website to get a feel for how they do business.  You want to ensure that you’re selecting a company with integrity that can deliver a great finished product.

Choosing the right company to work on your roof is a decision that will follow you for decades.  Make sure you’re choosing a company that meets your every need.  Call our Miami roofers at 855-276-9655 today for a free estimate. We can help to repair current roofing systems that may be failing or we can install new roofing systems to best help you and your family stay safe. There’s no job to small and no task too big. With offices in Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, we’re here to help with all of your roofing needs.