Types of Emergency Roof Repairs

To ensure that you do not expose yourself to the risk of dealing with severe roof problems, you should perform at least two visual inspections annually, both on the interior and the exterior of your roof. Pay attention even to the smallest details, and if you have suspicions, call a team of professionals immediately, to make repairs on time and prevent their aggravation.

In general, when it comes to the roof, any problem identified is an emergency, as it will not repair itself, on the contrary, it will worsen – very quickly, in some cases.

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The problems that may occur on a roof are extremely varied, but among those that require really urgent attention are the following:

  • Water leaks and infiltration: According to the best roofing contractors Boca Raton has, even the most resistant roof covers are prone to leaks and damage, especially as they are getting close to the end on their lifespan, or when they are exposed to inclement weather.
  • Missing tiles: Holes in the roof not only allow water to reach the indoor space, but also allow cockroaches, rodents and other pests to enter the house. Fortunately, this problem can be very easy to fix for a professional roofer.
  • Curled or loose shingles: Extreme weather and strong winds can move cover materials or accessories from their place. Loose parts must be replaced to avoid other consequent problems.
  • Damaged flashing: Flashing is essential in the process of draining water from the roof. If it gets damaged, you will have water infiltration inside the house.



How Your Roof can Affect Your Electrical Bill

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By increasing the energy efficiency of your home you will have lower costs with electricity consumption, on the one hand, and you will save natural resources, thus contributing to the protection of the environment, on the other hand.

Do you know how much heat a home loses on average?

  • 10-25% is lost through the roof
  • 20-30% is lost through the walls
  • 30-40% is lost due to an inadequate ventilation system
  • 15-25% is lost through the windows
  • Up to 6% is lost through the basement

Finding the best solution for roof insulation should be a priority. It all comes to the need to bring the entire surface of the roof to the best possible level of passivity to both exterior and interior factors.  Highly principled roofing companies in Sarasota Florida confirm that properly installed thermal insulation will target two work areas:

  • The entire interior surface to be thermally insulated (the attic)
  • The entire exterior surface, for waterproofing and sound insulation

Given that there are many materials for both areas, it remains only to choose the most suitable for each type.

For this level of insulation of the house, it is recommended not to compromise neither on the quality of the material used, nor of the workmanship. The result will have, in practice, three distinct benefits:

  • Significant reduction of heat loss
  • Preserving the integrity of walls, floors and their finishes
  • Ensuring a constant temperature regime, throughout all seasons


Here’s Why You Should Have Your Roof Cleaned Regularly

The roof is a crucial structure for any house, protecting it from the elements and ensuring its residents the comfort they need (thermal, acoustic…). A roof has to be maintained regularly, to keep it in good shape, and one of the maintenance operations required at certain time intervals is cleaning.

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There are many benefits of keeping your roof clean

  • Functional benefits

A clean roof will be able to prove its reflective feature, saving you money on utility bills. On the other hand, a roof covered with algae and mold will not be able to reflect the heat and it will actually absorb it, making your house to heat up more than it should.

Additionally, mold and algae will slowly damage your shingles, by actually feeding on them. The hot and humid climate creates the perfect environment for the apparition of such problems, if people do not clean their roofs regularly.

The moisture and the smell of rotting wood attract pests, but you will keep them away if you maintain your roof clean.

  • Aesthetic benefits

Roofing companies in Naples provide roof cleaning services that will insure your roof looks beautiful, healthy and will boost the curb appeal of your home. Prospective buyers are often turned off by a dirty roof.


Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks

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There are common mistakes that negatively affect the performance of a roof – old or newly built and cause roof leaks.

Improper installation is often the main cause of water infiltration. If you notice installation issues, you can expect to face even more problems over time, so make sure to choose a trustworthy and reliable roofer to perform the job. A detailed inspection of the roof prevents the occurrence of infiltration, condensation, dampness or even major structural problems that may appear over time.

Improper choice of roofing products – Roof repair Boca Raton experts confirm that often construction projects are compromised from the beginning because the chosen roofing solutions are not compatible with the architecture of the house.

Roof slope angle -There are a lot of roofing solutions on the market that differ according to different criteria, including the roof angle. For example, tiles suitable for a slope of 14 degrees will obviously not be good for a higher pitched roof. If you do not take into account that each product is addressed to a certain type of roof, there is a good chance that you will experience water leaks, sooner or later.

Other common causes of roof leaks include the age of the roof and, implicitly, its degradation, as well as non-adaptation of roofing solutions to local weather conditions.



How Proper Tree Maintenance can Help You Avoid Costly Roof Repairs

Even only at 50-60 kilometers per hour, wind can snatch a roof. Physicists help us and explain that the impact force of the wind is equal to the area multiplied by the dynamic pressure, and the pressure is proportional to the speed of the wind squared. The higher the wind speed and the larger the roof surface, the more destructive the force.

But the wind can also be the enemy of roofs indirectly, by causing tree branches to hit the roof or its edges, damaging shingles, gutters and other accessories. In the worst case scenario, tree branches can be broken by storms and fall down on the roof. In this case, the damage will likely be extensive and may go far beyond damaged shingles.

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To prevent such problems that will also involve costly repairs, accomplished roofing companies in Sarasota suggest that you include tree maintenance along with scheduled roof maintenance. You do not have to get rid of all the trees from your property. Just make sure to trim branches that come too close to the roof or overhang above it. However, if you have a very old and partially dried tree near your house, you might want to consider cutting it down, otherwise it might be put down by a storm – and not necessarily in an elegant and risk-free way. If you do not have the tools or the necessary experience to cut down a tree, contact a professional tree removal and tree care service.

What to Expect from a Roofing Estimate

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When you want to renovate your roof or install a new roof on your house, you must always search for an authorized company, like Crown Roofing, https://www.roofwithcrown.com/, which has a clean history behind it. Do not look for what is cheaper, because you could be deceived. There are many so-called roofing contractors that will promise you a lot, but by the end of the work you have already paid a lot more than what you agreed.

That`s why you will have to contact several roofers and ask for written estimates, to be able to compare them.

A roof estimate is more than a flat rate on a slip of paper; it contains an accurate estimate of materials and labor costs and is offered by a roofing contractor after an on-site inspection and a discussion with the owner. Make sure the contractor is also willing to explain what is included in the cost estimate, especially when it comes to labor costs, which are typically divided into sub-categories.

Other charges you may have on your roof estimate

  • the cost of removing debris
  • to store debris while the roofing specialists still work on the project
  • the cost related to transportation of the materials from the supplier onto the site

How are Tile Roofs Different from other Roofs?

The materials used for roof covers have a great impact on the general and final appearance of the house. But in addition to their aspect, we must pay attention to their quality and, of course, to the price.

Each type of cover has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.

In general, a roof is a big investment, but even more so if it is covered with tiles. Tiles are expensive compared with other materials, but credible Naples roofers substantiate that they are also some of the best materials you can get, being used for covering roofs in various geographical areas. They are resistant in any type of climate and match well any architectural style due to their appearance and technical properties. They can be installed on roofs with both very high and very low slopes.

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One of the biggest advantages of a tile roof is its durability; such a roof can have a lifespan of up to one hundred years. In comparison, a common asphalt roof is guaranteed for only 15-20 years.

This type of roof is waterproof and also ensures good thermal and acoustic comfort, while other roofing materials certainly need additional insulation and ventilation.

From an aesthetic point of view, the tile roof can also be superior to other types of roofs, especially if we talk about ceramic tiles.

On the other hand, the ceramic or asphalt tiles are heavy (approximately 40Kg / sqm), compared to lightweight materials such as cedar shakes or metal sheets.


How to Know if You are Getting Treated Fairly by Your Insurance Company After a Storm

When your house is hit by a storm and you experience damage, you a left in a vulnerable state. For many people, the insurance is their only hope to start the reconstruction process and get back to their normal life. Unfortunately, some will accept any compensation offered by their insurer, without checking if they are fairly treated.

When you contact your insurance company to announce that your house has been damaged by a storm, it will send one of its adjusters. These professionals will evaluate the damage and decide how much money you will get for repairs/ replacements/ reconstruction. Although, like we said before, they are professionals, you should keep in mind that they actually work for your insurer, representing its best interests, so you might be able to increase the amount of compensation you get if you know what to do.

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The best thing you can do is to contact a specialist before notifying your insurance company about the damage. For example, if you have experienced roof damage, call a locally respected Boca Raton roofing company to evaluate the damage. You will get a written report than you can definitely use when you make the claim, and to counteract the evaluation made by the adjuster.

Additionally, if you feel that the compensation you are being offered by your insurer is very unfair, you can hire an independent adjuster, who will represent your best interests and will do everything to get you the right amount of compensation, considering that they will be paid on a per claim basis (they will get a percentage of the final settlement amount).


First Steps to Take After Your Home has been Hit by a Storm

Watching your home being hit by a powerful storm can be scary. Sometimes you will be lucky and your house escapes intact, but other times you will have to deal with all kind of damage. In this situation, you will have to keep yourself together and act promptly to fix what can be fixed.

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There are actions to be taken in the hours and days afterward.

Step 1 – Look for a general building inspector

You need such a professional to inspect your house and identify all types of damage. A storm can destroy roofs, facades, electrical systems etc., so you will need guidance through the process of analyzing the damage you are dealing with. Documenting problems properly is also important for making your insurance claim, and having a specialist by your side is essential. Make sure to have expert Sarasota roofers inspect and assess roofing damages, so you can make sure your insurance coverage is adequate.

Step 2 – Contact your insurer

Do not start any repair and rebuild operation without contacting your insurance company. It will send one of its adjusters to evaluate the damage and determine the amount of compensation you will get. You can contest this evaluation with the one you have got from the general inspector, based on the documentation you have gathered.

Step 3 – Choose trustworthy contractors to repair and rebuild

You may need several types of contractors, depending on the damage: roofers, siding specialists, fence installers, electricians etc. Alternatively, you can consider hiring a general contractor to do the job.


The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Roofer

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Choosing a roofer for your residential or commercial building is as challenging as finding any other contractor. It is not necessarily difficult, because there are many roofing companies spread everywhere in the country, providing services at a local or national level, but selecting of them is the challenging aspect that will likely take some time.

There are dos and don`ts in this evaluation and selection process. In order to end up with professional and trustworthy Naples roofing contractors.


  • Check the company`s credentials

Look for written proof that the company is licensed and insured, which means that it has the legal approvals to handle roofing projects.

  • Prioritize local roofers

It is easier to get in touch with them, they are more reliable as being a part of your community and their response to emergency situations is faster.

  • Get referrals and check the company with business bureaus, for details such as ratings and the way they handle complaints.
  • Consider the warranty you get

Warranty terms defer with each roofer. Make sure you get the longest possible warranties, for both materials and workmanship.


  • Don`t hire the first roofer you can find
  • Don`t fall for offers too good to be true
  • Don`t hire amateurs
  • Don’t skip checking the contract