Home Solar Panels: A Wise Investment?

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Alternative energy sources, like solar energy, are reaching mainstream popularity. Consumers are learning of the benefits that solar energy has to offer and are turning toward solar power as a viable, energy-efficient way to provide electricity for their homes and businesses.

Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy essentially offers consumers an endless supply of solar power. As a renewable energy source, solar energy is becoming immensely popular with corporations, businesses, and homeowners around the world.

Most of the world’s current electrical supply is dependent on nonrenewable resources to supply power. These are primarily fossil fuels, including coal, oil, and natural gas, that are not sustainable since they require billions of years to form.

These types of traditional energy sources place consumers at risk through a number of challenges. Growing environmental concerns over the depletion of fossil fuels and the risk it poses to the climate are making headlines worldwide.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar energy converts sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. This is done through photovoltaic (PV) cells in the solar panels that draw in the sun throughout the day. The DC electricity generated from the home solar panels is converted into an alternating current (AC) electricity that is sent to your home’s electrical panel or breaker box.  With this system, your home’s lights and appliances are running on solar power, at least during daylight hours. Most homeowners will stay connected to their area’s electrical grid, which allows you to use the city or state’s electric power supply when necessary. However, well-engineered photovoltaic systems in an area where there is a lot of sunlight, such as Florida, can sustain a large portion of a home’s electricity.

The Sunshine State is one of the best places for home solar panels. Florida homeowners often generate a surplus of electricity during daylight hours that will run a home’s power supply through the night. In fact, some homeowners find their home solar panels generate so much extra electricity that the excess can be sold to a utility and delivered through the electric grid to other customers.

Solar Panels for Homes

Residential solar panels are one of the best ways to empower consumers in becoming less reliant on outside energy sources. The solar panel specialists at Crown Roofing can assess your roof for proper placement and review how residential solar panels will work for your home and your energy needs.

Solar Panel Cost

Solar panels have become staple in new construction and new roofing systems throughout neighborhoods and business districts across the state. Although a newer technology, homeowners with solar panels have seen returns on their initial investments within six years of install.

Get A Free Assessment

Every home is different and costs for home solar panels can vary. Get a free estimate on your home’s roofing needs by scheduling an appointment with Crown Roofing. Whether you are interested in solar panels, tile, or shingles, the roofing experts at Crown Roofing will assess your home’s roof and discuss the best options for you.